Marcia Francis

Marcia Francis
Jan 21, 2023 · 0 min read

Marcia Writes YouTube

I teach myself how things work by Doing. I have helped others create sites with embedded videos using some of the amazingly inexpensive tools on the Internet today.

Today, I am investigating the creation, care and feeding of YouTube channels. YouTube is nothing new, of course. It is just my time to learn more about it. The background image is a photograph of one of my paintings. Fun, huh? You betcha!

I don't have any videos here... yet! One step at a time. Now, I just need a way to shoot some video- next project! It is so amazing to me how the world of video has opened up from the time when I first began my career. Ahhh, technology just makes me smile.

Marcia's YouTube Channel

More to come!