Marcia Francis

Marcia Francis
Jan 21, 2023 · 1 min read

Testing My Ability to Embed a Video

This is how cool embedding a video on your web page looks... which is pretty easy since YouTube just makes it a snap by providing the necessary code in the "Share" link under the video as it's playing on YouTube. Just snag it and add it. Ta-da. How fun is that? Pretty fun, says I.

Here, Brian Pippin, Conservation Coordinator for JEA, tells us how to find a water leak in just two minutes! Check it out:

Now, you're ready to go forth and diagnose your own water leaks. I love it when I know where to get the right knowledge exactly when I need it. Here are some more great tips from JEA.

Toilet Leaks? Find out how to locate it and fix it in just about two minutes. Everyone has time for that.

Choosing the right light bulb for the right fixture in the right places.

VAMPIRE LOAD!!! It's not as scary as it sounds. Here, Brian Pippin explains how to stop your electronics from using electricity even when you're not using them.