Marcia Francis

Dolly Madisyn

lifestyle web site - July 19, 2009

So... my friend Kimberly lives in Oklahoma City. We communicate mostly on Facebook. Recently, her four-year-old decided that she wanted to make cupcakes for a living. So, they made cupcakes. All pink cupcakes. Pink frosting, pink batter- totally girly cupcakes.

I made them a little surprise and mocked up a couple of web pages for them in iWeb. They are a "blended" family of six; one little girl and three brothers. Kimberly is a stay-at-home-Mom. Her husband owns his own business. I named Madisyn's company and wrote her up some copy... subject to her approval, of course!

"How it all began...
I have the best Mom in the whole world. The best Dad, too. I love sugar. It’s a fact. I always have. I also love pretty things. Who doesn’t?

When I was four, it came to me- cupcakes! With the support of my Mom, we set to work immediately. My first cupcake creations were completely pink. Today, the Pretty in Pink cupcake is my trademark cupcake. It remains a symbol of the pure love- the love of your family.

When you have a Pretty in Pink, you feel love fill your heart. And it tastes like a little bit of heaven on earth...

So, that’s how Dolly Madisyn’s Cupcakery really began. No kidding. A four year old’s love of sugar, a dream and the love of a wonderful family are found in every tasty cake."

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