Marcia Francis

JEA Employee Calendar

The employee calendar celebrates employees throughout the company and serves as the brand apparel catalogue for the year.

I provided conceptual ideas, research and copywriting and oversight of design execution. I worked with the graphic designer, the photographer on shot composition and staging, and the print traffic manager to establish production schedules and meet deadlines. I worked on two employee brand apparel calendars for JEA.

For this calendar, issues over the year had focused on environmental stewardship in the community. JEA's tag line is "Building Community."

Here are some excerpts:

From 2008 Calendar
Building a Greener Community

At JEA, we are building a greener community. How? We’ve made environmental stewardship one of our top priorities. JEA considers the environment in all major decisions to ensure we protect our precious natural resources as we serve the community and plan for future growth. Each of us can make environmental stewardship a part of our lives. Getting started is easy if you begin with some simple changes that can have a big impact. For example, change one light bulb and you’re on your way to saving energy and making a difference. Take a look at the facts and tips in this year’s calendar. We’ve included low- and no-cost actions that will lower your resource usage and your utility bill. As you adopt some of these tips into your own homes, consider spreading the word to friends and family. It’s another way to increase your positive impact on our environment. For more information and conservation tips, visit You are JEA. Together, we can build a greener community.

Brand Apparel

It’s more than just a logo. Wearing our apparel lets people know that you are part of JEA, an organization dedicated to providing and delivering reliable electric, water and sewer services while honoring our pledge to maintain low rates. When you wear JEA apparel, you let our customers know that you are proud to be part of an organization that is committed to customer service. When you wear your new shirt, you’re wearing much more than a logo–you’re wearing, and sharing in, JEA’s commitment to our community.

From 2007 Calendar
The Face of JEA

Who is the face of JEA? We all are. Everyone who works for JEA brings a unique skill set that helps us achieve our goals and serve our customers. Whatever the job, each is important and makes a necessary contribution. Each of us touches the lives of our customers. We are the face of JEA. Not only do we serve our community, we are a part of it. This isn't our service area, it's our neighborhood; it's our home. We are a team working together to provide the best utility service in the country. This year's calendar spotlights a few of those faces. But each of us is the face of JEA. We are the more than 2,000 talented employees whose daily efforts make JEA what it is and help JEA build community every day.

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