Marcia Francis

JEA Water Quality Report

JEA is required by law to produce a water quality report each year. I worked with our internal customer on the cover concept and wrote the non-regulatory portions of the report.

Here is an excerpt:

Letter from the Managing Director

JEA’s primary mission as a water utility is to ensure we provide our community with a secure source of safe, clean drinking water. This year, meeting that goal, while establishing a track record of sound management practices, earned JEA the Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies (AMWA) Platinum Award for Sustained Competitiveness Achievement. JEA was recognized for maintaining our standard of excellence in refining and streamlining systems in order to better prepare for future needs and to ensure optimum performance in production, reliability and customer service.

JEA is a member of AMWA, an organization of the largest publicly owned drinking water systems in the United States. The Association works with Congress and federal agencies in the development of drinking water laws and regulations that protect public health.

JEA takes its role as an environmental steward seriously. Our efforts to preserve the Floridan aquifer, our source of clean drinking water, are more important than ever in light of our community’s steady growth. As demand increases, the need for conservation increases to ensure this resource for generations to come.

This report contains information about your drinking water, including its source and quality, as well as the results of our daily monitoring for 2006.


Jim Dickenson
Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer

Click here to view the full water quality report.